BSCL Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,
On behalf of the Bulgarian Society of Clinical Laboratory (BSCL) it is a great pleasure to invite you to the XXVIII Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation (BCLF) Meeting which will be held jointly with the XIII National Conference of the BSCL, from September 8th to September 11th 2021, at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The meeting will be a synergy between science and professional achievements, and a combination of keynote talks from leading international and regional scientists. Let's combine our efforts to strengthen our collaboration and friendship for the goodwill of our patients and for the future of our profession.
We envision that September would be the most appropriate time period with the hope that the advancement of vaccination programs will allow us to meet as usually – vivid, full size live attendance, certainly considering all appropriate sanitary measures. In case we cannot have the BCLF Meeting in form of live attendance, we will have it web based, in an appropriate hybrid form without further postponement.
Looking forward to meeting you in Sofia during the Joint XXVIII BCLF/ XIII BSCL Meeting.

Dobrin Svinarov
BSCL President